This is Gifted Baby.

Gifted Baby is a newsletter decoding all things pop culture, brand marketing, and internet swill. In our time together, we will discuss such things as the FX television empire, how to insult in the style of Succession, the lasting impact of the “cool girl” monologue, and the reason “got milk?” is still the best ad campaign ever created.

Courtney Young is the adult behind Gifted Baby. The Florida Department of Education deemed her "gifted" at elementary age, shepherding her into adulthood armed only with a false sense of a genius and a large community of young professionals with high functioning anxiety and baseless salary demands.

Young is a contributor for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, Betches, and People Magazine, with additional publications in The Cut and Mic. Still, this newsletter stands on the shoulders of countless “Thanks, but we’ll have to pass” responses from editors nationwide. The story ideas and niche fixations that didn’t pass the legacy media vibe check live here, with Gifted Baby. Just because [REDACTED] Magazine wasn’t interested in her “Celebrity Baby Draft,” does that mean the cursed thing should not see the blue light of screen? Young’s high school English teacher, who she occasionally mines for validation, thought it was inventive. Maybe you will too.

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Courtney Young is a publicist and culture writer, contributing words to Cosmopolitan, Betches, Bustle, and People Magazine, with additional publications in The Cut and Mic. She is the adult behind "Gifted Baby."